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Summer Chicken and Lime Tortilla Soup

Preparation Time:   30  (mins)
Cooking Time:   20  (mins)
Cooking Method:   Boil
Cook level:   Normal
Serving Size:   4  (person)

Chef Recommendation
Kid's Favorite

avocado 1 small [seeded, diced ]
carrots 4 oz diced
celery 4 oz diced
Chicken 8 oz [chopped]
cilantro 2 tbspchopped
Lime juice 1 tbsp
Tomato(es) 1 small [diced ]
cooking oil 2 tbsp
salt and pepper 1 pinch
Onion(s) 2 tbsp [chopped ]

Seasoning Mix

Premium Oyster Flavored Sauce 1 tbsp
Chicken Boullion Powder 1 tbsp

1.   In a mixing bowl, combine tomatoes, avocado, lime juice, cilantro, white onions and salt and pepper (pico de gallo, a side salad). Mix well and refrigerate.
2.   Heat oil in pan on high heat. Stir-fry chicken, celery, carrots and Lee Kum KeeTM Chili Garlic Sauce for 5 minutes.
3.   Add the remaining ingredients. Bring mixture to a boil.
4.   Serve with tortilla chips and pico de gallo.


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